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Courses counduct by IIFP

Film making is a complicated yet beautiful art encompassing a wide gamut of techniques and art forms from acting to direction
to script writing to dance and music and you can just go on..
Films bring ideas to life and fill life with ideas. It is this very art that we teach..every aspect if it


The burning desire to be in the limelight, to express a thought and bring a character to life makes one an actor. Come to IIFP and register for an acting course


Dance is an expression of emotion through rythmic movements. At IIFP you are most welcome even if you possess two left feet.
Our expert dance teachers will make you dance like a pro


Modelling is more than just walking on the ramp.It is showcasing of products to attract the attention of a potential buyer.
IIFP promotes aspiring models

Film and Commercial Video Editing

Do dream of sifting through meters of reel containing hours of video footage and then create a coherent interesting story? Welcome to IIFP. We can train you to be a good Film and Video Editor.


They say a photograph is worth a million words. A film photograher potrays a story in his shots.
We have a faculty of finest photographers to teach photography


If you admire Rasool Pookutty and his likes, you are most probably made to be a cinematographer - the person who sets the angle, focus, light, image size, shot after the director says "ACTION".
Cinematography is an ever evolving art and you need to keep pace with the changing techniques. Join us at IIFP to learn this art.

Film Direction

A film director is the driver of the film, the most important person as he brings the script writer's script to life on the screen. He sets the tone of the film, directs the whole crew from actors to technical staff to art, music and dance directors.
Come learn the nuances of film direction with IIFP

Script Writing

Script is the backbone of any film. A good script makes and breaks a film.It entails showing a story visually rather thn tell so that the actor, director, producer, art director, cinematograher can all do their parts.
We teach this very art.